Упражнения для совершенствования грамматических навыков по теме "Словообразование" (английский язык)


Данные упражнения для совершенствования грамматических навыков по теме «Словообразование» можно использовать как для систематизации грамматического и лексического материала в урочной и внеурочной деятельности с обучающимися 9-11 классов, так и в рамках подготовки к сдаче ЕГЭ и ГИА по английскому языку.

Упр.1. Определите, слово какой части речи отсутствует в предложении, докажите.

1 Most schools in the USA require their --- to have a bachelor's degree as a condition for ---.
2 The Aztec built great cities and developed complex social, --- and religious structures.
3 --- provide a wide range of facilities for the convenience of the travellers.
4 Almonds are --- used in confectionery baking.
5 Pearl oysters --- belong to a separate family.
6 A house is a dwelling place for --- habitation.
7 The --- characteristics of a house depend on climate, location, building materials or technical skills.
8 The same --- reappeared in 1978.
9 Aladdin, in folklore, is a hero of Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp, --- in English as the Arabian Nights.
10 Only in the 16 century the wig again became a generally --- form of adornment.Упр.2. К какой части речи принадлежат следующие слова и по каким признакам это можно определить.

Sleepy, photographer, forgetful, argument, thankful, carelessness, classify, modernize, coolness, lifeless, tasteful, formality, speculate, payable, slowness, thoughtfully, federative, entrance, appearance.Упр.3. К какой части речи принадлежат следующие слова и по каким признакам это можно определить.

Correctness, specialize, formality, speculate, monotonous, boyish, brilliance, mysterious, fasten, ceremonious, attendance, instructive, speechless, really, business, incorrect, unfruitful, illness, ninth, television, re-enter, unusual.Упр.4. Проанализируйте слова, данные «семьями», и подберите необходимое слово в пропуски.

1) include, including, included, inclusion, inclusive

1. We were seven --- Dan and Patsy.
2. Everyone must follow these rules, you---.
3. Megan's --- in the project helped a lot.
4. Did you --- the flight expenses?
5. Our seats are 2-7 ---.

2) secret (n), secret (adj.), secretive, secretiveness, secretly, secrecy

1. He left the country ---.
2. You should keep it a ---, don't tell anyone.
3. Mr. Adams was a perfect --- agent.
4. I felt the atmosphere of --- in the room as if they had a plot.
5. Miranda is a very --- person, you can never tell what she thinks or intends to do.

3) effect (n), effect (v), effective, effectively, effectiveness, ineffective

1. The most --- way of reducing wastes is to change the technologies.
2. You will see the harmful --- of bad eating habits in a couple of weeks.
3. This method is ---, we will have to start again.
4. Psychologists help to solve personal problems more ---.
5. The --- of the work depends on your willingness to complete it.

4) report (n), report (v), reporter, reportage, unreported, reportedly

1. The casualties are --- seventy people.
2. Have you seen Lionel's --- on vaccination rates?
3. William is a fantastic ---, his last --- was really gripping.
4. The newspapers --- on the floods in India.
5. The accident on the road was left ---.Упр.5. Заполните таблицу, пользуясь словарем или справочным материалом, заполните пропуски в предложениях пользуясь заполненной таблицей.

verb noun adjective

































1. Reading develops child's ---- at an early age.
2. I find watching TV rather ---, I prefer going out.
3. It's really difficult for a teenager to choose his future ---.
4. You shouldn't judge people only by their ---.
5. His --- to scientific work deserves admiration.
6. Mickey Mouse is Walt Disney's ---.
7. After ten years of --- Kevin's mother and father decided to part.
8. ---parks are very popular both with children and grown ups.
9. You should be very --- at school and listen to what the teachers say.

Упр.6. Заполните таблицу, пользуясь словарем или справочным материалом, заполните пропуски в предложениях пользуясь заполненной таблицей.

verb adjective noun
respond Responsive, responsible  
translate X 1 2
popularize popular  
invent   1 2
    1 producer 2
X famous  
X pleasant  
X   suburb
employ   1 2 employee 3
X Historic/historical  

1. Greece is a world famous --- of olives and citrus fruits.
2. People who come to Rome can visit a lot of --- monuments.
3. General Electrics has got a great number of ---.
4. Some papers gain --- publishing sensational news.
5. It was a very difficult ---, but they decided to take a risk.
6. These unusual ornaments --- from ancient Greece.
7. The best --- of the book was dome by Edward Kole.
8. Our department is --- for marketing and advertising.
9. The events connected with the French Revolution are described by many ---.Упр.7. Заполните таблицу, пользуясь словарем или справочным материалом, заполните пропуски в предложениях пользуясь заполненной таблицей.

noun adjective






















1. The soup is ---, there is too much salt.
2. Dan never cares for speed limits, he is a --- driver,
3. They are the pop group I like best. They are my ---.
4. I'm not --- in sports, I prefer music and dance classes.
5. Mr. Franklin has been working there for twelve years, he is a very --- worker.
6. It's quite --- that you want to relax, you have been working hard the whole week.
7. I'm --- for your help, I really appreciate it.
8. I feel ---- sitting in front of the TV.
9. James has lost his job, he doesn't know what to do, he is ---.
10. Sam can do any work about the house, he is very ---.Упр.8. Заполните таблицу, пользуясь словарем или справочным материалом, заполните пропуски в предложениях пользуясь заполненной таблицей.

verb noun




















1. I've got an --- to see my dentist.
2. We provide any possible --- to the students who leave behind.
3. Nobody knew about his ---, he came back quite unexpectedly.
4. You will get the --- from Miss Watkins.
5. The --- will be served in the garden.
6. Where did you get the information from? – I read an --- in the newspaper.
7. Daniel has got a deep --- of English literature.
8. We will have to make some --- before the trip.
9. The --- you provided is very important for us.Упр.9. Составьте из предложенных слов существительные с помощью суффиксов -ness, -ship,-ment. Заполните таблицу, используйте полученные слова в предложениях.

Member, appoint, champion, empty, enjoy, good, excite, fond, friend, entertain, happy, lazy, manage, amuse, partner, retire, sad, scholar.

1. The world football --- will take place in 2 years.
2. I can't approve of --- in people, we should always move forward.
3. Jill couldn't describe her --- when she heard the jury call out her name.
4. They are very proud of their ---, they have been friends for more than 20 years.
5. Little puppies and kittens are a constant source of --- to us.
6. We hope the close --- between the two countries will continue.
7. Samuel is one of the best students, he receives a -----.
8. Mr. Temple took --- at the age of 69.
9. Our sports club is very popular, we have a --- of 560 people.Упр.10. Составьте из предложенных слов существительные и прилагательные с помощью суффиксов и приставок. Заполните таблицу, используя полученные слова в предложениях.

verb noun Adjective

(un-, in-, ir-, -able, -ive, -ary, -ible)






















  1. I don't know how it happened, it's ---.
2. This diamond ring is ---.
3. Peter says he saw some visitors from outer space in his garden - it's just ---.
4. Helen is a fantastic designer, she is very ---.
5. This question has no --- to the subject of our discussion, we will talk about it at our next meeting.
6. I was sent to bed much earlier as a --- for bad behaviour.
7. I'm more --- in the morning, I can't do anything in the evening when I get tired.
8. You should have seen the --- on her face.
9. The knowledge of any foreign language is ---.Упр.11. Составьте из предложенных существительных прилагательные с помощью суффиксов. Заполните таблицу, используйте полученные слова в предложениях.

noun adjective (-ous, -al, -ic, -ful)





















1. It's very --- for health to have a well balanced diet and regular exercise.
2. Kilt is a --- Scottish skirt made of tartan, a special material.
3. Smoking is --- for health.
4. Some mushrooms can be ---.
5. Ronald goes in for sports, he is a tall – man.
6. The laboratory carries out an important --- research. (science)
7. The writer described these --- events in his last novel.
8. The students are involved in the --- work (experiment) in the field of Physics.
9. Green house gases are --- for the ozone layer.
10. I think the new --- programme will be very effective in schooling.

Упр.1. Подберите корни, пользуясь таблицей и обращая внимание на контекст.
1. Beethoven con---ed many of his symphonies.
-cide- -corp- -ject- -duct-

2. He ab---ed the kids and hid them in the country/
-duct- -grad- -ject- -tact-

3. Homi--- is the most serious crime.
-mort- -grat- -cide- -cred-

4. Breathing is a ---al part function of any creature, it can't live without oxygen.
- tang- -vit- -string- -sequ-

5. The old man wanted to ---fy himself, he didn't take any food or water, he was eager to die.
-strict- -viv- -mort--omni-

6. Betty is very self- con---ent, she always relies on her knowledge and experience.
-fid- -cur- -duct- -grad-

7. The director made two ---els to the film, he is going to shoot one more to follow the plot.
-flex- -grat--sequ- -vict-

8. He has made a significant pro--- in learning languages.
-tig- -secut- -gress- -cur-

9. Mrs Smallet didn't like her re---ion in the mirror.
-frag- -flex- -grad- -viv-

10. Some scjools in Britain re said to use ---oral punishment. They beat children with rods or sticks.
-rupt- -ped- -corp- -vinc-

Упр.2. Подберите корни слов, пользуясь таблицей.

1. We ob--- ed to going by sea, as we were always seasick.
2. Many people find some new laws to be a re---ive step.
3. He founded his ---oration in 1993, since then it has been successful.
4. When Alice entered the room, she saw her sister collecting ---ments of her favourite vase the little girl had broken.
5. An ---vorous animal eats both plants and meat.
6. A lot of people suffered from the volcano e---tion.
7. All laws will be exe---ted by all means.
8. Smoking is re---ed on board the planes it is very dangerous.
9. They could have sur---ed if they had had life jackets.
10. It was very un---ful of Jim not to thank the Debbens for helping him in trouble.

Упр.1. Подберите приставки, пользуясь таблицей и обращая внимание на контекст.

1. He took part in --- monarchical demonstrations, as he is against the idea of monarchy.
de- con- anti- dis-

2. He managed to ---come his fear and entered the dark room.
Over- de- under- sub-

3. The ---liminary notes helped to understand the book better.
Post- un- pro- pre-

4. They decided to ---fresh the colour of the walls as they had fainted away.
Over- re- extra- bi-

5. Margaret is so ----vagant, she always buys the latest fashion clothes from Paris.
ad- pro- extra- re-

6. As Mary ---slept, she couldn't get to the meeting on time.
Over- dis- ante- post-

7. Generals have a lot of -----ordinates.
un- out- sub- over-

8. The work is ---complete, can you finish it, please?
un- dis- im- in-

9. He was ---patriated last year and he said he was so happy to come back to his mother country.
ex- re- dis- eu-

10. This school is ---lingual, the pupils speak two languages.
re- extra- over- bi-

11. Helen couldn't ---centrate. The music from her neighbours was too loud.
Inter- dys- contra- con-

Упр.2. Подберите приставки, пользуясь таблицей.

1. Many children in Africa are (literate) because there are no schools.
2. Jack is (able) to read, he doesn't know letters yet.
3. I could not finish my talk with Nancy- the line was (connected).
4. Richard is (employed), so he sits at home and does a lot of work about the house.
5. The Duma will be (solved) tomorrow.
6. He will (turn) in five days, so you can see him then and solve all your problems.
7. Bill is a/an (ordinary) man, you never can tell what he will do next time.
8. Micheal wanted to find the best present for his girlfriend but he (did) because she wanted to have something handmade. Mike was very (appointed).
9. The (national) song contest will take place in Barcelona. The contestants from seven countries have already arrived.
10. (mission) is very typical of the Russians. They often need a leader and like social order.
11. Jane has got a lot of (curricular) activities, she attends dance and singing classes, Japanese and chess clubs.

Упражнения для развития навыков
Упр.1. Измените слово в скобках так, чтобы оно грамматически соответствовало предложению.

1. Herald Tribune has got a lot of (read).
2. Jim was (help), no one could help him.
3. Ron had a very (pleasant) talk with Mr. Willson, he looked very sad.
4. BBC and CNN work (professional).
5. Comics is a (fun) reading.
6. The flower smells (wonder).
7. I do grammar exercises (regular).
8. Columbus was a great (travel).

Упр.2. Измените слово в скобках так, чтобы оно грамматически соответствовало предложению.

1.(Fortunate) he lost all his money.
2. I stay away from (cruelty) people.
3. I feel (depress) when I am very busy.
4. John is a drug (addiction). He has had this (addict) for several years.
5. Sandra has never felt such (humiliate).
6. What a (fail)! Evidently our team is loosing the game.
7. What room (serve) can you offer?
8. It's often said in newspapers that all the people are (equality).
9. I'm talking (serious), stop laughing now!
10. What a wonderful (image) Jane has got! Her story is really beautiful and touching.
11. I'm sorry for (interrupt), but I must deliver this important information.
12. This program is really (entertain).
13. Did he (threat) you? – Oh, no. He just warned me.
14. It was an (forget) concert. The music was live, we enjoyed it a lot.

Упр.3. Измените слово в скобках так, чтобы оно грамматически соответствовало предложению.

1. The kids played (cheer) in the yard.
2. It's the first time I have been to London, I am a (strange) here.
3. He tried to (concentration), but in vain, the headache was splitting.
4. The Hermitage is a real (treasure) of Russian art.
5. The (quiet) of the house was very unusual, so they decided to enter. At the (enter) they were stopped by an old man.
6. It's a strange (feel) as if I had been there before.
7. It's a little (peace) village situated far from the city.
8. Matilda had never had the feeling of (lonely), how could she be lonely if she had lots of books around her.
9. I like Christmas (cheerful).
10. The baby was sleeping (peace) in his crib.
11. Amanda has never spoken a word of (wise), I have never seen such a stupid girl.

Упр.4. Измените слово в скобках так, чтобы оно грамматически соответствовало предложению.

1. People have made a lot of (discover).
2. Ron is (skill), he can't do anything.
3. Edwards is a famous (production).
4. Space (explorer) is very important for any country.
5. Americans were the first to (flight) to the Moon.
6. Mary has a very good (memorable), she can learn any poem in 5 minutes.
7. (whole), I understand the topic rather well.
8. (Create) of a spaceship is a very difficult process.
9. We had a very long (argue) about the terms of the experiment.
10. Alice has a deep (know) of Chemistry.
11. The tool was (use) for us, you needn't have brought it.
12. I didn't like your project, so your mark is (satisfy).
13. How did you (achievement) such results?
14. Japan is a (lead) country in developing new technologies.

Упр.5. Измените слово в скобках так, чтобы оно грамматически соответствовало предложению.

1. Sherlock Holmes was a fantastic (investigate).
2. The book is very (event).
3. A person who finds the purse will be given a (rewarding).
4. It's (fairness) not to tell Alice about the event.
5. He fought (courage) with his enemies.
6. Food processor is a very useful (inventor) for the kitchen.
7. Your (suppose) was right. He had really left for Africa.
8. It's quite (evidence) that Mary tells lies.
9. He lives (fair) in his new house.
10. Sandy is an (invent) child.
11. Robin Hood was a (courageously) person.
12. Alexander Bell was the (invention) of the telephone.

Упр.6. Измените слово в скобках так, чтобы оно грамматически соответствовало предложению.

1. English is a (universe) language.
2. A lot of countries produce new space (equip).
3. the scientists were not (satisfaction) with the results of the test.
4. You should (memorial) this rule.
5. On the (wholly) the programme about the contribution of Russian scientists to space exploration was rather (information).
6. His flight was the one to (memory).
7. Galileo was one of the first space (exploration).
8. The crew is getting ready for (launch) the satellite into space.
9. The scientists had an (argue) about the way the experiment should be held.
10. The sun (generation) heat.
11. New technology (ability) to improve the equipment.

Упр.7. Измените слово в скобках так, чтобы оно грамматически соответствовало предложению.

1. Can you see that tall (build) at the corner of the street? It's our university library.
2. I'm not too fond of (history) novels.
3. The book tells the story of three (crime) who decided to rob the bank.
4. He is such a strange (personality), he is moody and unpredictable.
5. It is very (wisdom) of you not to tell Daisy about the accident, she should know about it.
6. This (discuss) is useless, I won't change my point of view.
7. The museum presents a wonderful (collect) of ancient manuscripts.
8. The note was (writing) on an old piece of paper.

Упр.8. Измените слово в скобках так, чтобы оно грамматически соответствовало предложению.

1. I know some English and American (writing).
2. The story is rather (entertain), but it didn't impress me much.
3. You can see a lot of new (publish) in different languages.
4. Switch on the (print) and get these documents ready for our meeting.
5. It is the (five) publication of this book.
6. At first, the unusual (quiet) of the place shocked them.
7. How many books are there in your (personality) library?
8. This reading room is not opened to general (publication).

Упр.9. Измените слово в скобках так, чтобы оно грамматически соответствовало предложению.

1. What a (fail)! Russian sportsmen fail to come first.
2. He is (addiction) to smoking cigars.
3. You can see (discuss) on serious topics on Channel 5.
4. There are a lot of (humour) programs on TV.
5. There are very few (educate) programs for kids on TV.
6. Jim is a (forget) person. He often has to come back to take things he has left at home.
7. Stop telling me fairy tales, I know you have got a wonderful (image).

Упр.9. Измените слово в скобках так, чтобы оно грамматически соответствовало предложению.

1. Nowadays people have a lot of (society) problems.
2. The (crime) were kept in prison.
3. Don't (interruption) me while I'm talking.
4. What (rude)! He never spoke to his parents like this.
5. I don't approve of (cruel) to animals and kids.
6. Don't (threat) him. He can beat you.
7. He stood (shame) in the corner and didn't know what to say.
8. I'm so (forget). A never remember anything.
9. The face of the policeman was (threat).
10. Jane learns three languages at school. (Nature) she speaks good Italian and Spanish.

Упр.10. Измените слово в скобках так, чтобы оно грамматически соответствовало предложению.

1. The advantages of exploring space are (certain).
2. Space (discover) have not helped us so far.
3. (Definite) it has not helped us to find cure for this or that (ill).
4. Space exploration is very (expense).
5. We should stop (explore) space and spend this money on the Earth (protect).
6. Our Earth is facing a lot of (ecology) problems due to ozone holes and green house gases.

Упр.11. Измените слово в скобках так, чтобы оно грамматически соответствовало предложению.

1. No one knows what the real (explain) of this fact is.
2. From his (appear) , you would think that he is lazy, but he is not.
3. The Prime- Minister is going to make an (announce) this afternoon.
4. Gordon's got a great sense of (humorous).
5. Let's have a more detailed (discuss) about it later.
6. We'll have to get a lot more (informant) before we make a final decision.
7. The invention of the wheel changed the world (enormous) I'm going to write a letter to the (edit) about The UFO.

Упр.12. Измените слово в скобках так, чтобы оно грамматически соответствовало предложению.

1. He was (patience). He couldn't wait any more.
2. I'm not so (enthusiasm) about Mary's idea.
3. I (suspicious) Dan of stealing the money.
4. He opened the door (slow).
5. Stop being (fool).
6. Ron behaved (fool) at the party.
7. It was an (extreme) funny story, everybody laughed.
8. They (celebration) his B-day party on Wednesday.
9. Andrew is a (mischief) boy.
10. Mrs Campbell is a (talk) woman.
11. The (humid) in this region is very high, it often rains.
12. Miss Sally is a/an (resist) woman, she is really beautiful.
13. The article (glamour) a new model of the Ford car.
14. Penguin is a (fly) bird.
15. The scientists are discussing the problem of (globe) warming.
16. The news (sad) him, he felt unhappy.
17. This test is (photocopy).
18. The stars on the American flag (symbol) the number of states.
19. The FBI (inform) told that the crime had been committed 3 days before.
20. The workers decided to (broad) the pavement.
21. Our next (contest) is from Sweden.
22. Mr. Bellop (organ) the audition next week.
23. His actions are (mature), he behaves like a child.
24. We are (definite) late.
25. He (special) in Eastern languages.
26. Nobody noticed our (absent).
27. The melon is (juice). Can I have some more?
28. Mark's business is (profit).
29. Helen (button) her coat, hang it up on the hook and made for the room.
30. (Darwin) say that Darwin's theory revolutionized the science.
31. I was (prepare) for such an answer, it came as a shock.
32. Mrs Edwin likes talking on (religion) topics.
33. She was scared to death, her face (white).
34. Mrs. Andrews came into the room to (quiet) the little ones.
35. I was getting (easy), nobody called, I felt worried.

Упр.13. Прочитайте связный текст и измените слово в соответствии с контекстом.

Greener cars  for a greener future

Can you imagine the day when you won't need to stop for fuel at petrol stations? Or how about 1 --- in your own car?  Let's see what Dr Stephen Green, director of Cars of the Future International says. “Well, our job is to design and test cars that don't cause the environment 2 ----. Scientists from all over the world work for the company. These cars don't run on petrol. They use alternative souses of  3---- such as solar power,  4 --- or 5---  gas. Of course, they can be very expensive, but we are not the 6---. Last year we presented the results of 7--- of our solar car at the conference in Tokyo. We are going soon to start work on a flying cars. No more traffic jams, can you imagine it?

 1 FLY







Упр.14. Прочитайте связный текст и измените слово в соответствии с контекстом.

Leo da Vinci

  1____ you have already read The Da Vinci Code or seen the film. But who 2____ was Leonardo da Vinci? Well, he was born in 1452 in Italy. He is 3____ for his painting, the Mona Lisa. Da Vinci was also an 4 ____ who designed a helicopter, a submarine before they were invented. Leonardo thought that by 5_______ how each part of a machine worked, he could change them and then put them together in 6 _____ ways. In this way he could improve existing machines or create new ones. He drew his ideas so well that 500 years later his sketches have been used for

7_____ perfect working models.








Упр.15 Прочитайте связный текст и измените слово в соответствии с контекстом.

The World of WarCraft

World of War Craft (WoW) is the most popular on line game in the world. It's got more members than the 1___of Portugal.  What makes WoW so 2_____ and special? It is a multi-player on line role-playing game that was introduced in 1994.

     Its played in a fantasy world called Azeroth.  3_____ can control their characters. For just 29 euros you can explore the landscape, fight monsters and get acquainted with millions of other 4____.  For many of them the game is a way to find new friends. “I felt accepted for the first time in my life”, admits an 18 year old youth. But when does5__ fun become a 6___ thing?   10% of on line 7___ admit to playing too much, forgetting to eat and to sleep 8_____. 

One 15 year old 9_____ boy even collapsed after playing the game 24 hours non-stop.  Psychiatrists are now reporting record numbers of teens seeking help for their online game 10___. But some people believe that the games are not the root of the problem. They say that kids really need their parents and

11 ___. So it is a social problem. Whether it's a social problem or a passion, WoW is 12_____ more than just a game.













Упр.16. Прочитайте связный текст и измените слово в соответствии с контекстом.


Products in supermarkets are 1 ___ presented in plastic bags, boxes or trays. People use 2____packaging. But ask yourself what is more important-content or the wrapping?  Yes, we do need packaging. It preserves goods, protect them from damages and makes them look presentable for 3____.

 Most packaging is not 4____. It is dumped in landfills or burnt.  This results in more 5____. But supermarkets are now working to cut back.-packages become smaller, so 6_____ use less energy to transport them.  All this got to do with you, consumer. Choose products that use minimum packaging, it can be 7 ____    You can use glass jars for storing things. 8_____   a lot of people in Europe started sorting rubbish, which reduces the number of land fills as the rubbish is taken to the 9____ factory  and a lot of new goods are produced of the recycled materials.










Упр.17. Прочитайте связный текст и измените слово в соответствии с контекстом.

Human beings control the world and therefore we have a 1____

to protect animals.  2_______, I believe we fail to do this in many ways.   Firstly, although it is often said that people in my country love the pets more than their families, they often don't look for them 3 _____.   Dogs need to be given exercise, but they are often kept in small flats and never taken out for walks. Sometimes people abandon pets when they grow up and are no longer small and cute. These animals have to fight for their 4 _____on the streets and therefore are starving and suffer from disease. While it is true that zoos protect animals that are in danger of 5 ____, they are often kept in bad conditions in small cages.   Finally, there is the problem of 6 _____. It is very popular in my country.

In my opinion, this sport is 7____ cruel and wrong. How can

anyone get 8_____from killing an animal?  In conclusion, I think that more needs to be done to protect wild and domestic animals.

The laws should be stricter and the government should make sure everyone obeys these laws.









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